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We offer both equity and annual memberships at Crystal Ridge Golf Club. The difference between equity and annual memberships (non-equity) is ownership in the member society (not the golf course). If at any time an equity member wants to sell their membership then they can sell their membership for fair market value and keep the money; similar to owning a house. Equity members enjoy far more advantages than annual members (please see list below). However, our goal here is for a member to never want to leave! We constantly strive to improve our customer experience, especially for our members. We are the definition of a “Golfers Golf Club” meaning we are provide a great product for a great price and do not worry about the traditional “Country Club” style, which is not what most golfers want these days!

If you are not interested in an equity membership then an annual membership is a great alternative! Annual members pay one discounted fee, which covers their golf for the year. This option was new in 2015 and we are excited for the upcoming season!

Crystal Ridge has a Membership to suit your needs:


If you have any questions about memberships, please email Christian Meyer.

Crystal Ridge Clubhouse from Bridge
Crystal Ridge Clubhouse from Bridge